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32.5 Release

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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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 BayerAverageMap.hLibargus Extension: Bayer Average Map API
 BayerSharpnessMap.hLibargus Extension: Bayer Sharpness Map API
 DebugCaptureSession.hLibargus Extension: Debug Capture Session API
 DeFog.hLibargus Extension: DeFog API
 FaceDetect.hLibargus Extension: Face Detect API
 InternalFrameCount.hLibargus Extension: Internal Frame Count
 PwlWdrSensorMode.hLibargus Extension: Piecewise Linear Compression for WDR Sensor Modes
 SensorPrivateMetadata.hLibargus Extension: Sensor Private Metadata API
 Argus.hLibargus API: Main Include File
 CameraDevice.hLibargus API: Camera Device API
 CameraProvider.hLibargus API: Camera Provider API
 CaptureMetadata.hLibargus API: Capture Metadata API
 CaptureSession.hLibargus API: Capture Session API
 Event.hLibargus API: Event API
 EventProvider.hLibargus API: Event Provider API
 EventQueue.hLibargus API: Event Queue API
 Request.hLibargus API: Request API
 Settings.hLibargus API: Settings API
 Stream.hLibargus API: Stream API
 Types.hLibargus API: Types API
 drm-nvdc-docs.hNVIDIA Direct Rendering Manager API
 gmsl-link.hCopyright (c) 2018-2020, NVIDIA Corporation
 max9295.hCopyright (c) 2018, NVIDIA Corporation
 max9296.hCopyright (c) 2018-2020, NVIDIA Corporation
 v4l2_nv_extensions.hNVIDIA V4L2 API Extensions
 NvApplicationProfiler.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Application Resource Profiling API
 NvBuffer.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Buffer API
 NvDrmRenderer.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: DRM Renderer API
 NvEglRenderer.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: EGL Renderer API
 NvElement.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: NvElement Base Class
 NvElementProfiler.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Element Profiler API
 NvJpegDecoder.hNVIDIA Multiemdia API: Image Decode API
 NvJpegEncoder.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Image Encode API
 NvLogging.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Logging API
 NvUtils.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Utility Functions
 NvV4l2Element.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: V4L2 Helper Class
 NvV4l2ElementPlane.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: V4L2 Element Plane
 NvVideoConverter.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Video Converter
 NvVideoDecoder.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Video Decode API
 NvVideoEncoder.hNVIDIA Multimedia API: Video Encode API
 nvbuf_utils.hNVIDIA Multimedia Utilities: Buffering and Transform/Composition/Blending