This section provides an overview of the graphics support for this release.

This section is divided into the following subsections:

  • Graphics APIs lists the Graphics APIs with the supported Version information.

  • Graphics Programming discusses graphics programming such as binary shader program management, the shader program compiler.

  • EGLDevice discusses mechanisms that you can use to render 3D images on a pure EGL display (without mediation by a windowing system).

  • EGLStream discusses a mechanism that efficiently transfers sequences of image frames from one API to another, e.g., from OpenGL to NVIDIA ® CUDA ® .

  • Sample Applications describes the sample applications that the Jetson Linux BSP provides to demonstrate graphics features.

  • OpenWFD discusses mechanisms for efficiently interacting with the underlying display hardware.

  • Vulkan SC introduces the Vulkan SC specs and extensions.

  • Vulkan SC samples discusses how to build and run Vulkan SC samples.