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5.0 Release

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gstnvdsinfer.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DeepStream GStreamer NvInfer API Specification

Description: This file specifies the APIs and function definitions for the DeepStream GStreamer NvInfer Plugin.

Definition in file gstnvdsinfer.h.

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Data Structures

struct  NvDsInferTensorMeta
 Holds the raw tensor output information for one frame / one object. More...
struct  NvDsInferSegmentationMeta
 Holds the segmentation model output information for one frame / one object. More...


G_BEGIN_DECLS typedef void(* gst_nvinfer_raw_output_generated_callback )(GstBuffer *buf, NvDsInferNetworkInfo *network_info, NvDsInferLayerInfo *layers_info, guint num_layers, guint batch_size, gpointer user_data)
 Function definition for the inference raw output generated callback of Gst-NvInfer plugin. More...