NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference

5.0 Release

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API Modules
Here is a list of all modules:
 DBScan Based Object Clustering APIDefines the API for DBScan-based object clustering
 DeepStream Metadata ExtensionDefines an API for managing GStreamer DeepStream metadata
 Dewarping MetadataDefines metadata concerning dewarping
 Events: Custom Events APISpecifies GStreamer custom event functions, used to map events to individual sources which are batched together by Gst-nvstreammux
 Gst-infer API Common ElementsDefines common elements used in the API exposed by the Gst-inference plugin
 Import Transfer Learning Toolkit Encoded ModelsDefines an API for importing Transfer Learning Toolkit encoded models
 Inference Interface APIDefines the DeepStream inference interface API
 Latency Measurement APIDefines an API for measuring latency in modules
 Logging APIDefines an API for logging and debugging DeepStream applications
 Message FunctionsHelper functions for custom GStreamer messages posted by DeepStream GStreamer plugins
 Messaging APIDefines an API for exchanging messages with remote entities and services
 Metadata Extension Structures
 Metadata StructuresDefine structures that hold metadata
 NvInfer PluginDefines an API for the GStreamer NvInfer plugin
 Object Tracker APIDefines the DeepStream object tracker API
 On-Screen Display APIDefines the NvOSD library to be used to draw rectangles and text over the frame
 On-Screen Display ManagerDefines the NvOSD library to be used to draw rectangles and text over the frame
 Optical flow metadataDefines the optical flow metadata
 Query FunctionsGets information such as the batch size and the number of streams
 Version Number APIDefines the API used to get the current version number of DeepStream and its dependencies