NVIDIA DeepStream SDK API Reference

7.0 Release
NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Holds plane wise parameters(extended) of a buffer.

Definition at line 340 of file nvbufsurface.h.

Data Fields

NvBufSurfaceDisplayScanFormat scanformat [NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]
 display scan format - progressive/interlaced. More...
uint32_t secondfieldoffset [NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]
 offset of the second field for interlaced buffer. More...
uint32_t blockheightlog2 [NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]
 block height of the planes for blockLinear layout buffer. More...
uint32_t physicaladdress [NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]
 physical address of allocated planes. More...
uint64_t flags [NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]
 flags associated with planes More...

Field Documentation

◆ _reserved

void* NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx::_reserved[STRUCTURE_PADDING *NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

Definition at line 353 of file nvbufsurface.h.

◆ blockheightlog2

uint32_t NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx::blockheightlog2[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

block height of the planes for blockLinear layout buffer.

Definition at line 347 of file nvbufsurface.h.

◆ flags

uint64_t NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx::flags[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

flags associated with planes

Definition at line 351 of file nvbufsurface.h.

◆ physicaladdress

uint32_t NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx::physicaladdress[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

physical address of allocated planes.

Definition at line 349 of file nvbufsurface.h.

◆ scanformat

NvBufSurfaceDisplayScanFormat NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx::scanformat[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

display scan format - progressive/interlaced.

Definition at line 343 of file nvbufsurface.h.

◆ secondfieldoffset

uint32_t NvBufSurfacePlaneParamsEx::secondfieldoffset[NVBUF_MAX_PLANES]

offset of the second field for interlaced buffer.

Definition at line 345 of file nvbufsurface.h.

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