Class SlicedMessageMeta

(Latest Version)
class SlicedMessageMeta : public morpheus::MessageMeta

Operates similarly to MessageMeta, except it applies a filter on the columns and rows. Used by Serialization to filter columns without copying the entire DataFrame.

Public Functions

SlicedMessageMeta(std::shared_ptr<MessageMeta> other, TensorIndex start = 0, TensorIndex stop = -1, std::vector<std::string> columns = {})

virtual TableInfo get_info() const override

Get the info object.



virtual MutableTableInfo get_mutable_info() const override


virtual std::optional<std::string> ensure_sliceable_index() override

Replaces the index in the underlying dataframe if the existing one is not unique and monotonic. The old index will be preserved in a column named _index_{}. If has_sliceable_index() == true, this is a no-op.


std::string The name of the column with the old index or nullopt if no changes were made.

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