Struct KafkaSourceStageInterfaceProxy

(Latest Version)
struct KafkaSourceStageInterfaceProxy

Interface proxy, used to insulate python bindings.

Public Static Functions

static std::shared_ptr<mrc::segment::Object<KafkaSourceStage>> init(mrc::segment::Builder &builder, const std::string &name, TensorIndex max_batch_size, std::string topic, uint32_t batch_timeout_ms, std::map<std::string, std::string> config, bool disable_commit, bool disable_pre_filtering, TensorIndex stop_after = 0, bool async_commits = true)

Create and initialize a KafkaSourceStage, and return the result.

  • builder – : Pipeline context object reference

  • name – : Name of a stage reference

  • max_batch_size – : The maximum batch size for the messages batch.

  • topic – : Input kafka topic.

  • batch_timeout_ms – : Frequency of the poll in ms.

  • config – : Kafka consumer configuration.

  • disable_commit – : Enabling this option will skip committing messages as they are pulled off the server. This is only useful for debugging, allowing the user to process the same messages multiple times

  • disable_pre_filtering – : Enabling this option will skip pre-filtering of json messages. This is only useful when inputs are known to be valid json.

  • stop_after – : Stops ingesting after emitting stop_after records (rows in the table). Useful for testing. Disabled if 0

  • async_commits – : Asynchronously acknowledge consuming Kafka messages

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