Struct MutableTableInfo

(Latest Version)
struct MutableTableInfo : public morpheus::TableInfoBase

Public Functions

MutableTableInfo(std::shared_ptr<const IDataTable> parent, std::unique_lock<std::shared_mutex> lock, TableInfoData data)

MutableTableInfo(MutableTableInfo &&other) = default


MutableTableInfo get_slice(cudf::size_type start, cudf::size_type stop, std::vector<std::string> column_names = {}) &&

Get slice of a data table info based on the start and stop offset address.

  • start – : Start offset address (inclusive)

  • stop – : Stop offset address (exclusive)

  • column_names – : Columns of interest



void insert_columns(const std::vector<std::tuple<std::string, morpheus::DType>> &columns)


void insert_missing_columns(const std::vector<std::tuple<std::string, morpheus::DType>> &columns)


pybind11::object checkout_obj()

Allows the python object to be “checked out” which gives exclusive access to the python object during the lifetime of MutableTableInfo. Use this method when it is necessary to make changes to the python object using the python API. The python object must be returned via return_obj before MutableTableInfo goes out of scope.



void return_obj(pybind11::object &&obj)

Returns the checked out python object from checkout_obj. Each call to checkout_obj needs a coresponding return_obj call.



std::optional<std::string> ensure_sliceable_index()

Replaces the index in the underlying dataframe if the existing one is not unique and monotonic. The old index will be preserved in a column named _index_{}. If has_sliceable_index() == true, this is a no-op.

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