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Training accuracy: NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD (16 × 8 × A100 80GB for 4b BERT model)

Training the 4B BERT model for 95 Billion takes 1.5 days. The figure below shows the loss curve.


4B BERT Training Loss (220B Tokens)

The table below shows the converged training loss, the throughput, and the total time to train for the 4B BERT model, using a given number of GPUs and a given Global Batch Size (GBS).

Training performance: NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD (20 × 8 × A100 80GB for 4B BERT model)

NVIDIA measured the throughput of training a 4B parameter BERT model on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD using different numbers of nodes. Scaling from 1 node to 16 nodes yielded a 12.71× speed-up. The table and chart below show the performance results.


1 2 4 8 16

Tokens per Second 57287 108695 215358 393167 728178
4B Perfect Linear Scaling (Tokens) 57287 114574 229148 458296 916592

Speed-up 1x 1.89x 3.75x 6.86x 12.71x

4B BERT NeMo Framework Throughput

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