Changes and New Feature in this Firmware Version




HPCC, Programmable Congestion Control

HPCC related configurations in is now supported via the mlxconfig utility.


Added support for copy modify header steering action to/from the UDP field.

Resource Dump

Added the following resource dump segments:

  • SEG_HW_STE_FULL that includes dump to STE and all its dependencies

  • SEG_FW_STE_FULL that include dump to FW_STE and to HW_STE_FULL in range

Striding WQE - Headroom and Tail-room

As the software requires additional space before and after a packet is scattered for its processing for stridden RQ, the hardware will allocate the required room while scattering packets to spare a copy.

Connections per Second (CPS)

Improved security offload's Connections per Second (CPS) rate using the general object DEK (PSP TLS etc).

VirtIO vDPA Performance Virtualization

Increased the VirtIO hardware offload message rate to 20/20 MPPS for 256 virtual devices by optimizing the datapath application code.

Open SNAPI: Communication Channel

Open SNAPI steering hop optimization:

  • Only packets with dmac/dlid 0 will enter the SNAPI steering channel. Meaning if the Open SNAPI communication channel exists, all other traffic will have only 1 steering hop penalty

  • SW must use dlid/dmac == 0 in address vector of a SNAPI QP

  • cross eSwitch, Open SNAPI is now allowed if LAG is enabled

SHA Calculations

Added support for SHA calculations via the MMO engine.

UPT Performance

Optimized latency for UPT traffic.


Added LAG support on NODNIC interfaces to enable traffic functionality on other ports after the LAG is enabled.

QoS Priority Trust Default State

QoS priority trust default state can now be changed using the new nvconfig below:



The values that can be used to set the default state are:





VirtIO Full Emulation

Implemented a transitional device which supports both drivers conforming to the spec 1.x and allows legacy drivers to support virtio legacy driver (virtio 0.95).

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.

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