Changes and New Features

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 DE Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v22.40.1000

SR-IOV - Virtual Functions (VF) per Port - The maximum Virtual Functions (VF) per port is 127. For further information, see Known Issues.


It is recommended to enable the “above 4G decoding” BIOS setting for features that require large amount of PCIe resources.

Such features are: SR-IOV with numerous VFs, PCIe Emulated Switch, and Large BAR Requests.


Security Hardening Enhancements: This release contains important reliability improvements and security hardening enhancements. NVIDIA recommends upgrading your devices' firmware to this release to improve the devices’ firmware security and reliability.




Socket Direct Single netdev Mapped to Two PCIe Devices

Enabled Single Netdev mapping to two PCIe devices (Socket Direct).

Now multiple devices (PFs) of the same port can be combined under a single netdev instance. Traffic is passed through different devices belonging to different NUMA sockets, thus saving cross-NUMA traffic and allowing apps running on the same netdev from different NUMAs to still feel a sense of proximity to the device and achieve improved performance.

The netdev is destroyed once any of the PFs is removed. A proper configuration would utilize the correct close NUMA when working on a certain app/CPU.

Currently, this capability is limited to PFs only, and up to two devices (sockets). To enable the feature, one must configure the same Socket Direct group (non zero) for both PFs through mlxconfig SD_GROUP.


Added support for egress ACL to the uplink by adding a new bit to the Set Flow Table Entry: allow_fdb_uplink_hairpin.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.

Unsupported Features

The following advanced feature are unsupported in the current firmware version:

  • The following service types:

    • SyncUMR

    • Mellanox transport

    • RAW IPv6

  • INT-A not supported for EQs only MSI-X

  • PCI VPD write flow (RO flow supported)

  • Streaming Receive Queue (STRQ) and collapsed CQ

  • Subnet Manager (SM) on VFs

  • RoCE LAG in Multi-Host/Socket-Direct

Unsupported Commands





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