Document Revision History

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Ethernet Adapter Cards for OCP Spec 3.0 User Manual


Description of Changes

Sep. 2022

Added a note on FRU EEPROM memory component under the Features and Benfits table.

Aug. 2022

Added table "Legacy (EOL) Ordering Part Numbers"

Nov. 2020

Updated power numbers in "Specifications".

Oct. 2020

  • Updated airflow numbers in "Specifications".

  • Updated networking ports LED definitions in "Interfaces".

Sep. 2020

Added OCP 3.0 bracket replacement instructions.

Nov. 2019

Added a note to "Introduction".

Apr. 2019

  • Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.

  • Updated power numbers in Specifications and added airflow numbers.

Nov. 2018

First release

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