Changes and New Feature History

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v20.35.3502 LTS

This section includes history of changes and new feature of 3 major releases back. For older releases history, please refer to the relevant firmware versions.




Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.




Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.





Added support for copy modify header steering action to/from the UDP field.

RoCE: Adaptive Timer

Enabled ADP timer to allow the user to configure RC or DC qp_timeout values lower than 16.

QoS Priority Trust Default State

QoS priority trust default state can now be changed using the new nvconfig below:



The values that can be used to set the default state are:





Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.


LLDP Properties Implementation on RDE

Added LLDPEnable, LLDPTransmit and LLDPReceive properties to the RDE Port schema implementation.

Queue Counters Allocation

This new capability allows privileged users to allocate queue counters. In this new feature the get_max_qp_cnt_cur_cap() returns a valid value when the UID is with UCTX_CAP_INTERNAL_DEVICE_RESOURCES, otherwise it returns 0.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.


NV Configurations via the Relevant Reset Flow

Added pci_rescan_needed field to the MFRL access register to indicate whether a PCI rescan is needed based on the NV configurations issued by the software.

Note: If the Keep Link Up NV configuration is changed, phyless reset will be blocked.


Added a new MAD of class SMP that has the attributes hierarchy_Info as defined in the IB Specification and is used to query the hierarchy information stored on the node and the physical port.

ICM Pages

Added a new register (vhca_icm_ctrl access_reg) to enable querying and limiting the ICM pages in use.

XRQ QP Errors Enhancements

Enhanced the XRQ QP error information provided to the user in case QP goes into an error state. In such case, QUERY_QP will provide information on the syndrome type and which side caused

the error.


Updated the ibstat status reported when the phy link is down. Now QUERY_VPORT_STATE.max_tx_speed of UPLINK will not be reported as 0 anymore.

NetworkPort Schema Replacement

Replaced the deprecated NetworkPort schema with Port schema in NIC RDE implementation.


Disabled the option to send SMPs from unauthorized hosts.

Firmware Steering

Enabled the option to modify the ip_ecn field in the packet header in firmware steering.

SW Steering Cache

Modified the TX or RX cache invalidation behavior. TX or RX cache invalidation now does not occur automatically but only when the software performs the sync operation using the using sync_steering command.

Mega Allocations in Bulk Allocator Mechanism

Modified the maximum bulk size per single allocation from "log_table_size - log_num_unisizes", to allocate any range size, to remove limitations that HWS objects such as counters and modify arguments might encounter.

Changing all the Crypto Features to Wrapped or Cleartext

Crypto features can be in either wrapped or unwrapped mode. Meaning, the key can be wrapped or in plaintext when running the CREATE_DEK PRM command. To comply with the requirements specified in FIPS publication, all the created DEKs must be wrapped.

This feature adds new NV_CONFIG per device to control this mode, and enables the user to change all the crypto features to wrapped or cleartext.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.




Link Protocol

Due to in a change in link protocol in 100GbE and 200GbE adapter cards (from PAM4 to NRZ), the link may not come up on certain configurations. For limitations related to this change, see issue 2094355.

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