Changes and New Feature

NVIDIA ConnectX-7 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v28.39.1002

NOTE: This firmware (with a new GPIO configuration) improves long-term ConnectX-7 operation, and it is strongly desired that all customers upgrade to this version (or later).

Feature/Change Description


NC-SI ChannelsAdded support for two passthrough channels on dual-port adapter cards.
Expansion ROMAdded a caching mechanism to improved expansion ROM performance and to avoid any slow boot occurrences when loading the expansion ROM driver.
Live Migration Support for Image Size above 4GBAdded support for image size above 4GB when performing a live migration by splitting the image to chunks.
Crypto AlgorithmsExtended the role-based authentication to cover all crypto algorithms. Now the TLS. IPsec. MACsec. GCM, mem2mem, and NISP work when nv_crypto_conf.crypto_policy = CRYPTO_POLICY_FIPS_LEVEL_2, meaning all cryptographic engines can also work in wrapped mode and not only in plaintext mode.
DSCP (priority) of ACK PacketsAdded the ability to configure the DSCP (priority) of ACK packets using the ROCE_ACCL access register.
Monitoring and Notification Mechanism for the Flash InterfaceAdded internal monitoring and external notification mechanism to detect over access to the flash interface and reduce access to it to avoid exceeding some hardware limitation on that interface.
In extreme cases, if this mechanism is not sufficient, the user will be notified.
Reserved mkeyAdded new support for reserved mkey index range. When enabled, a range of mkey indexes is reserved for mkey by name use.
Bug FixesSee Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.

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