Document Revision History

NVIDIA ConnectX-4 Lx Ethernet Adapter Cards for OCP Spec 2.0 User Manual


Description of Changes

Nov. 2022

Updated Specifications.

Feb. 2021

Added Standby Mode power numbers for passive cables for OPNs MCX4421A-XCQN.

Nov. 2020

Added airflow for standby modes.

Feb. 2020

Added altitude criteria to "Specifications".

Jan. 2020

Updated the card voltage in "Specifications".
Added MCX4431A-GCUN to relevant sections.

Nov. 2019

Updated board labels in "Finding the MAC and Serial Number on the Adapter Card".

Oct. 2019

Updated the supported Ethernet protocols in "Specifications".

May. 2019

Updated PCB and bracket tolerances in "Specifications".

May. 2019

Updated board labels and added a note to "Finding the MAC and Serial Number on the Adapter Card"

Mar. 2019

Updated Specifications tables

Dec. 2018

  • Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.

  • Added the following OPNs to relevant sections:

    • MCX4111A-ACUT

    • MCX4121A-ACUT

    • MCX4121A-ACST

    • MCX4131A-BCAT

    • MCX4131A-GCAT

  • Updated Features

Nov. 2017

  • Updated Features

  • Added a note to System Requirements

Jul. 2017

  • Updated Adapter LEDs Operations

  • Updated “Cable Installation”

Sep. 2016

  • Updated Adapter Card Installation Instructions

  • Added Card Un-installation

  • Updated the following tables:

    • MXC4111A-XCAT Specifications Table

    • MCX4121A-XCAT Specifications Table

    • MCX4111A-AC[A/U]T Specifications Table.

    • MCX4121A-AC[S/U/A]T Specifications

Aug. 2016

  • Added MCX512F-ACAT and MCX512A-ACAT support across the document

Jun. 2016

  • Added a note to System Requirements.

Apr. 2016

  • Updated Physical and Logical Link Indications

Mar. 2016

  • Removed I2C-compatible Interface from Interfaces

  • Updated Features and Benefits

Feb. 2016

Updated Bracket Installation Instructions

Feb. 2016

  • Updated Linux Driver

  • Updated Windows Driver

  • Updated VMware Driver

  • Added a note to Finding the MAC and Serial Number on the Adapter Card

Dec. 2015

  • Updated Product Overview

  • Updated speed specifications in the following sections:

    • Features and Benefits

    • Connectivity

  • Updated Specifications

Dec. 2015

  • Added mlxup to Documents List and Updating Adapter Card Firmware

  • Updated Device ID in Product Overview

  • Added IEEE 802.3by support. See “Features and Benefits”

  • Updated PCI Device

  • Added VMware support

  • Updated Specifications

  • Added Single-port Bracket

Nov. 2015

First release

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