NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA User Manual v1.8


NVIDIA® GPUDirect RDMA is an API between IB CORE and peer memory clients, such as NVIDIA Tesla class GPU's. It provides access to the NVIDIA® HCA read/write peer memory data buffers, as a result it allows RDMA-based applications to use the peer device computing power with the RDMA interconnect without the need to copy data to host memory. This capability is supported with any NVIDIA® ConnectX®-4 (or later) InfiniBand adapter cards. GPUDirect RDMA will also work seamlessly using RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) technology with the NVIDIA® ConnectX®-4 and later adapter cards.

Software Download

Please visit http://www.mellanox.com → Products → Software → InfiniBand/VPI Drivers → Mellanox OFED GPUDirect RDMA

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