Port Counters

ibdiagnet collects and processes standard InfiniBand port counters and vendor-specific port counters. The following counters are collected by the ibdiagnet:

  • PortCounters (collected by default)

  • PortCountersExtended (collected by default)

  • PortRcvErrorDetails (collected by default)

  • PortXmitDiscardDetails (collected by default)

  • LLRCounters (collected by default from supporting devices, ConnectX3/SwicthX only)

  • PerSL/VL counters (for supporting devices when corresponding option is specified)

  • PortExtendedSpeedCounters (for supporting devices when corresponding option is specified)

  • Mellanox Diagnostic Counters (for supporting devices when corresponding option is specified)

The following options are applicable when port counters are collected and processed by ibdiagnet:





Provides a report of all per sl/vl port counters (if supported by devices)
These counters are reported in ibdiagnet2.db_csv file.



Provides a report of NVIDIA Diagnostic counters in ibdiagnet2.mlnx_cntrs file and ibdiagnet2.db_csv.



Resets all the NVIDIA Diagnostic counters (should be used with -sc option).

ibdiagnet --scr --sc

--extended_speeds <dev-type>

Collects and tests port extended speeds counters.
Supported dev-type:

  • sw (switch only)

  • all (all devices)

These counters are reported in ibdiagnet2.db_csv file (PM_INFO section).



Lists all counters per lane (if supported by devices). Should be used on combination with --extended_speeds.

ibdiagnet --extended_speeds all --pm_per_lane


Get all PM counters. activate the following flags:
--extended_speeds all

ibdiagnet --pm_get_all

-P | -counter <<PM>=<value>>

If any of the provided counter is greater than its provided value, then print it.

If 'all' is used, all counters get the same threshold (0 by default).

ibdiagnet -P vl15_dropped=1, port_xmit_discard=1


ibdiagnet -P vl15_dropped=1 -P port_xmit_discard=1


ibdiagnet -P all

Supported PM Counter names are:

  • symbol_error_counter

  • port_rcv_remote_physical_errors

  • port_rcv_errors

  • port_xmit_discard

  • port_rcv_switch_relay_errors

  • vl15_dropped

  • link_error_recovery_counter

  • link_down_counter

  • port_xmit_constraint_errors

  • port_rcv_constraint_errors

  • local_link_integrity_errors

  • excessive_buffer_errors

  • port_xmit_data

  • port_rcv_data

  • port_xmit_pkts

  • port_rcv_pkts

  • port_xmit_wait

  • port_xmit_data_extended

  • port_rcv_data_extended

  • port_xmit_pkts_extended

  • port_rcv_pkts_extended

  • port_unicast_xmit_pkts

  • port_unicast_rcv_pkts

  • port_multicast_xmit_pkts

  • port_multicast_rcv_pkts

  • sync_header_err_cnt

  • unknown_block_cnt

  • error_detection_counter_lane0

  • error_detection_counter_lane1

  • .....

  • error_detection_counter_lane11

  • fec_correctable_block_counter_lane0

  • fec_correctable_block_counter_lane1

  • .....

  • fec_correctable_block_counter_lane11

  • fec_uncorrectable_block_counter_lane0

  • fec_uncorrectable_block_counter_lane1

  • .....

  • fec_uncorrectable_block_counter_lane11

  • port_rcv_cells

  • port_rcv_cell_for_retry

  • port_rcv_retry

  • port_xmit_cells

  • port_xmit_retry_cells

  • port_xmit_retry

  • port_symbol_error

  • port_error_detection_counter_lane0

  • .....

  • port_error_detection_counter_lane3

  • max_retransmission_rate

  • retransmission_per_sec

  • fec_corrected_symbol_counter_lane0

  • fec_corrected_symbol_counter_lane1

  • ......

  • fec_corrected_symbol_counter_lane11

  • port_fec_correctable_block_counter

  • port_fec_uncorrectable_block_counter

  • port_fec_corrected_symbol_counter

  • all




Resets all fabric IB spec compliant port counters (PortCounters and PortCountersExtended), RN, AR and HBF counters.

Note: It is recommended to use this option with –reset_phy_info, as both options have cross counters and using only one of them can be confusing on the next iteration of counters or registers collection.


Clear all PM counters. activate the following flags:




--pm_pause_time <seconds>

Specifies a delay (in seconds) between counters samples. If set to 0, only single sampling is performed. (default - 1 second)
The delta between the first and the second counter samples will be written to the PM_DELTA section in db_csv file.

ibdiagnet --pm_pause_time 60

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