ibdiagnet InfiniBand Fabric Diagnostic Tool User Manual v2.8.0


ibdiagnet utility is one of the basic tools for InfiniBand fabric discovery, error detection and diagnostic. The output files of the ibdiagnet include error reporting, switch and HCA configuration dumps, various counters reported by the switches and the HCAs. Parameters of various devices such as switch fans, switch PSUs, cables, and PCI lanes are reported by the ibdiagnet as well. ibdiagnet also performs Unicast Routing, Adaptive Routing and Multicast Routing validation for correctness and credit-loop free routing.

ibdiagnet is distributed as part of ibutils2 package which is part of MLNX_OFED and UFM software packages. It is also available from NVIDIA Web site as part of InfiniBand management package for Inbox customers.

Software Download

Please visit http://www.mellanox.com → Products → Software → InfiniBand/VPI Drivers → InfiniBand Management Tools

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