Cable Diagnostic


Cable plugin and its parameters are now obsolete and not supported in the CMIS cables, please use --get_phy_info instead.

Cable plugin collects various information from the cables attached to the fabric ports.




Gets cable info from the fabric ports and dump cable info to ibdiagnet2.db_csv and ibdiagnet2.cables.

Not supported in CMIS cables, --get_phy_info should be used instead.


Gets cable info on disconnected ports (the cable is attached only to the switch port). This option is applicable with the "get-cable-info" flag. Data will be dumped to ibdiagnet2.db_csv and ibdiagnet2.cables.

Not supported in CMIS cables, --get_phy_info and --phy_cable_disconnected should be used instead.



ibdiagnet --get-cable-info --cable_info_disconnected

The data is dumped to the ibdiagnet2.cables file in the following format:


------------------------------------------------------- Port=1 Lid=0x00a4 GUID=0xf45214030046a0a1 Port Name=coral-ufm-001/U1/P1 ------------------------------------------------------- Vendor: Mellanox OUI: 0x2c9 PN: MCP1600-E002 SN: MT1739VS02126 Rev: A3 Length: 2 m Type: Copper cable- unequalized SupportedSpeed: SDR/DDR/QDR/FDR/EDR Temperature: N/A PowerClass: 1 NominalBitrate: 0 Gb/s CDREnableTxRx: N/A N/A InputEq: N/A OutputAmp: N/A OutputEmp: N/A FW Version: N/A Attenuation(5,7,12): 7 8 13 RX power type: OMA RX1 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm RX2 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm RX3 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm RX4 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm TX1 Bias: 0.000 mA TX2 Bias: 0.000 mA TX3 Bias: 0.000 mA TX4 Bias: 0.000 mA TX1 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm TX2 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm TX3 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm TX4 Power: 0.000 mW, -999.999 dBm

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