NVIDIA Network Operator

Cloud Orchestration - Network Operator Application Notes v24.1.1

The NVIDIA Network Operator simplifies the provisioning and management of NVIDIA networking resources in a Kubernetes cluster. The operator automatically installs the required host networking software - bringing together all the needed components to provide high-speed network connectivity. These components include the NVIDIA networking driver, Kubernetes device plugin, CNI plugins, IP address management (IPAM) plugin and others. The NVIDIA Network Operator works in conjunction with the NVIDIA GPU Operator to deliver high-throughput, low-latency networking for scale-out, GPU computing clusters.

A Helm chart is provided for easily deploying the Network operator in a cluster to provision the host software on NVIDIA-enabled nodes.

The NVIDIA Network Operator is licensed under Apache 2.0 and contributions are accepted with a DCO. See the contributing document for more information on how to contribute and the release artifacts.

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