NVIDIA NVDA-OS XC User Manual for NVIDIA MetroX-3 XC Appliance v18.01.5002

NVIDIA NVDA-OS XC User Manual for NVIDIA MetroX-3 XC Appliance v18.01.5002

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Extending InfiniBand Performance to Remote Infrastructures and the Edge

The NVIDIA® MetroX®-3 XC long-haul system seamlessly and securely extends the reach of the NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking platform, providing high data throughput, In-Network Computing, and native remote direct-memory access (RDMA) communications. Enhancing data security, MetroX-3 XC provides encrypted connectivity over long distances and dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) infrastructures.

MetroX-3 XC can extend the reach of InfiniBand up to 40 kilometers, enabling connectivity between remote data centers, from edge infrastructures to data centers, or between data centers and remote storage infrastructures for high availability and disaster recovery.

Optimized for High Density and Scalability

MetroX-3 XC guarantees high-performance, high-volume data sharing. Users can easily migrate application jobs from one InfiniBand-based data center to another or combine the compute power of multiple remote data centers together for higher overall performance and scalability.

MetroX-3 XC is designed for today’s business continuity and simplified disaster recovery. It comes as an appliance with four ports: Two provide connectivity to the local InfiniBand network; the other two provide long-haul connectivity into a DWDM infrastructure. In addition to enabling data center expansion, disaster recovery, data mirroring, and campus connectivity, select models of MetroX-3 XC systems support long-haul security by encrypting the transmitted data.


The MetroX-3 XC system aggregates the data sent from an InfiniBand data center (Site A); it then encapsulates and encrypts the data before sending it over a single, external, consolidated fabric to an InfiniBand storage network (Site B).

The MetroX-3 XC system comes with built-in chassis management (NVDA-OS-XC) software, including administrative tools to manage firmware, power supplies, fans, ports, and other system interfaces. The MetroX-3 XC software’s GUI-based web management provides full alarm, event history, activities log, and performance monitoring for all optical modules.

Unified Fabric Management

MetroX-3 XC systems can be managed by NVIDIA Unified Fabric Manager (UFM®) software. UFM enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor, and operate the state-of-the-art InfiniBand data center fabric.

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