MFT Known Issues

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

The following table provides a list of known issues and limitations. For a list of old Known Issues, please see MFT Archived Known Issues file.

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Description: Running mlxlink on LID devices when the OpenSM is not enabled, can cause the machine to hang.

Workaround: To resolve the issue, run the following:

  1. opensm & (Press 'Enter')

  2. mst restart;

  3. mst ib add;

  4. mst status;

  5. Get the correct LID device from "InBand" devices

Keywords: mlxlink, LID, InBand, OpenSM

Discovered in Version: 4.20.0


Description: mlxcables shows the wrong firmware version for OSFP cables.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxcables, OSFP, firmware version

Discovered in Version: 4.18.0


Description: mlxfwreset is not supported on DPU with GPU boards.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxfwreset

Discovered in Version: 4.18.0


Description: mlxfwreset is not supported on secure-boot host devices.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxfwreset

Discovered in Version: 4.18.0


Description: The information of the IB/ETH protocols should not be stored on the same CSV file. Doing so will result in a mismatch on the columns of CSV file.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxlink

Discovered in Version: 4.18.0


Description: mlxfwreset is not supported on kernel 3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64 due to a kernel bug that leads to 'rescan' PCI operation to take a few minutes.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxfwreset

Discovered in Version: 4.18.0


Description: Running flint commands on the hypervisor while a Virtual Machine is running with the same device (pass-through), may cause kernel panic.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: flint, kernel, VM

Discovered in Version: 4.17.0


Description: Burning firmware using DMA might fail on virtual FreeBSD machines.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Firmware burning, DMA, FreeBS, VM

Discovered in Version: 4.17.0


Description: Configuring TX/RX_rate to 200GbE in test mode fails.

Workaround: To work with the new speeds specify the number of lanes as shown below:

  • 100G_1X/200G_2X/400G_4X/800G_8X for NDR speeds

  • 50G_1X/100G_2X/200G_4X/400G_4X for HDR speeds

Keywords: 200GbE, Tx/Rx

Discovered in Version: 4.17.0


Description: Using the MFT with the --with-pcap option to install stedump utility requires the following third-party dependencies:

  • Libraries and header files for the libpcap library

  • Libraries and header files for Python development library

  • Package Installer for Python (PIP) available

Workaround: To install the third-party dependencies, perform the following:

  1. Install libpcap-devel or libpcap-dev on Debian-based distributions.

  2. Install python3-devel or python3-dev on Debian-based distributions.

  3. Bootstrap the PIP installer in one of the following ways:

Keywords: stedump utility

Discovered in Version: 4.16.0


Description: Direct Device Assignment (DDA, ak.a. pass-through) facility is not supported in MFT, its usage may cause the host to reboot.

Workaround: Burn the firmware in PF and then attach the HCA to the VM.

Keywords: DDA

Discovered in Version: 4.16.0


Description: mlxlink does not support test mode for 50GE-KR4 speed.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxlink

Discovered in Version: 4.16.0


Description: Port toggling with Inband devices using mlxlink fails and the following error is presented: "Unknown MAD error".

Workaround: To avoid this issue, perform one of the following options:

  • Use OpenSM (with or without -o)

  • Use only active ports

Keywords: Port toggling, mlxlink, Inband devices

Discovered in Version: 4.14.0-105


Description: For Multi-Host systems, enabling the PRBS test mode causes network connectivity disconnection.

Workaround: Maintain another interface for enabling the link back.

Keywords: mlxlink

Discovered in Version: 4.15.0


Description: "mlxfwmanager --download" and "mlxfwmanager --online" commands are currently not functional on ESXi 7.0.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxup/mlxfwmanager

Discovered in Version: 4.14.3


Description: When the SLTP configuration is wrongly set, the “Bad status” explanation will not be presented (only error indication) to the user.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: SLTP configuration

Discovered in Version: 4.14.2


Description: "mst server start" runs at foreground instead of the background on FreeBSD and VMWare ESXi OSes.

Workaround: Use '&' --> 'mst server start &'

Keywords: 'mst server start', FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi

Discovered in Version: 4.14.0-105


Description: The argparse module is installed by default in Python versions =>2.7 and >=3.2. In case an older Python version is used, the argparse module is not installed by default and therefore must be manually installed.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Python, argparse module

Discovered in Version: 4.13.3

1923665 / 1939791

Description: Force Mode does not work when using mlxlink in ConnectX-6 InfiniBand adapter cards.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxlink, Force Mode, ConnectX-6 IB

Discovered in Version: 4.13.3


Description: mlxburn is not signed for Windows operating systems.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxburn, Windows, operating system, signature

Discovered in Version: 4.13.0


Description: Due to mst signing process, some executions might be slower than expected.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mst

Discovered in Version: 4.13.0


Description: In ConnectX-5 adapter cards, the time-stamp capability using flint, is supported only on the device using the "-d" flag, and not on the binary using the "-i" flag.

Workaround: Use the “-d” flag to set the time-stamp.

Keywords: flint

Discovered in Version: 4.11.0


Description: Occasionally, when running mstfwreset over a Multi-Host device, the driver remains down if the mstfwreset operation fails.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mstfwreset

Discovered in Version: 4.11.0


Description: Running mstfwreset on ConnectX-5 Socket-Direct adapter cards on Windows OS is currently not functional.

Workaround: Reboot the server

Keywords: mstfwreset, ConnectX-5 Socket-Direct

Discovered in Version: 4.8.0

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