MLNX IB Management Installation Guide v5.15.0


NVIDIA® IB Management package contains the following management, diagnostic and simulation utilities for InfiniBand fabrics.

  • MLNXSM 5.15.0 – NVIDIA® InfiniBand Subnet Manager

  • IBUtils2 2.13.0 – NVIDIA® InfiniBand diagnostic utilities (ibdiagnet, ibdiagpath, smparquery, etc)

  • infiniband-diags 5.8.2 - InfiniBand diagnostic utilities (ibnetdiscover, smpquery, ibqueryerrors, etc)

  • libibumad_mlnx 43.1.1 - Userspace library for sending Infiniband Management Datagrams (libibumad)

  • libibmad_mlnx 6.0.0 - library to encode, decode, and dump IB MAD packets (libibmad)

  • ibsim 0.7 - Infiniband fabric simulator

Software Download

Please visit InfiniBand Management Tools page.

Supported OSs

These are the supported Operating Systems:



RedHat 7.6


RedHat 8.1


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