PXE (FlexBoot) Related Issues





PXE boot timeout.

The 'always-broadcast' option is disabled.

Enable 'always-broadcast on'.

For the complete procedure, please refer to Linux PXE User Guide.

PXE InfiniBand link fails with the following messages although the DHCP request was sent: Initializing and The socket is not connected.

Either the SM is not running in the fabric or the SM default multicast group was created with non-default settings.

  1. Activate the SM on a node or on managed switch.

  2. Check in the SM partitions.conf file that the default partition rate and MTU setting are SDR and 2K, respectively.

    The PXE is establishing by default an SDR link set with an MTU of 2K. If the default multicast group opened with different rate and/or MTU, the SM will deny the PXE request to join.

Mellanox adapter is not identified as a boot device.

The expansion ROM image is not installed on the adapter. or the server's BIOS is not configured to work on Legacy mode

  1. Run a flint query to display the expansion ROM information.

    For example: "flint -d /dev/mst/ mt4099_pci_cr0 q" and look for the "Rom info:" line.

    For further information on how to burn the ROM, please refer to MFT User Manual.

  2. Make sure the BIOS is configured to work in Legacy mode if the adapter's firmware does not include a UEFI image.

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