CoRIM and CoMID Identifiers

NVIDIA Device Attestation and CoRIM-based Reference Measurement Sharing v1.0

A CoRIM is identified by its tag identifier. CoMIDs are identified by their comid.tag-id identifiers. The identifiers are constructed such that a CoRIM can be associated to a specific firmware package, and CoMIDs to the corresponding component image set in that package. 

The CoRIM and CoMID identifiers have the following form 

  • = <ImageVersionString>

  • comid.tag-id = <PCI_Device_Identifiers>-<ImageVersionString>

This allows association of claims from a device to the corresponding reference measurements in a CoMID (at run time), or to identify the CoMID for a particular component image set in the firmware package. Attestation can use PCIe identifiers from the last SPDM measurement block to locate the reference measurement manifest for that device.

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