Appendix: BIOS Upgrade Flow

NVIDIA MLNX-GW User Manual for NVIDIA Skyway Appliance v8.2.2200
  1. Copy the BIOS .BIN and .efi files to a USB drive and connect it to the Skyway system. The files should be provided by Nvidia support team.

    1. To update fans controller FW, copy the relevant .BIN and .efi files

  2. Reboot the Skyway and enter the BIOS via serial connection.

  3. In the BIOS, go to “Advanced” tab → “CSM Configuration” → ensure “Boot option filter” is set to “UEFI only”, and make sure “Network”, “Storage”, “Video” are all set to “UEFI”.

    1. If they are not set to “UEFI”, then change them to “UEFI”, the change will take effect only in next boot, so save the configuration, and then repeat step 2.

  4. In the BIOS, go to “Boot” tab. Ensure that UEFI shell is the first boot priority.

  5. Save changes and reset the Skyway.

  6. Now the Skyway should enter the UEFI shell on boot. Enter “fs0:" to enter the USB drive file system.

  7. To update BIOS, do the following:

    1. Execute the command “AfuEfix64 <BIOS BIN name> /p /b /n /x”.


      AfuEfix64 6200XE03.BIN /p /b /n /x

    2. To update fans controller firmware, execute “aeuefi -u <FANS FW BIN name>".


      aeuefi -u SKY-6X00_X03_01.BIN


      Note that after fans controller FW update is finished, the device will shut down automatically

  8. After BIOS and/or fans controller firmware update is finished, perform a full power cycle (i.e., remove the AC power from the Skyway and then return it after few seconds).

  9. Once done, enter the BIOS again to the “Boot” tab and return “Hard Disk” to be the first boot priority.

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