Appendix: Performing OS Factory Reset from USB

NVIDIA MLNX-GW User Manual for NVIDIA Skyway Appliance v8.2.2200

This procedure will completely re-install the OS from scratch; existing configurations will be lost.

  1. Prepare a bootable USB drive. Recommended to use “Rufus” (on Windows),

    • Make sure to “Show advanced drive properties”

    • Select “Syslinux 4.07” in the “Boot selection” drop-down and press “START”


  2. Extract the content of image zip file (e.g., to the USB drive root.

  3. Connect the USB drive to a USB port located on the back panel of the GW appliance.

  4. Enter the BIOS of the GW appliance using a serial connection and set the boot order to boot from the USB device first:


  5. Save and Exit the BIOS, the GW should now start booting from the USB drive.

  6. If prompted to login, type “root”.

  7. Load kernel modules to enable access to the USB drive, and mount it

    • modprobe ehci-pci

    • modprobe xhci-pci

    • modprobe xhci-hcd

    • modprobe usb_storage

    • mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

  8. Find the MAC address of the GW mgmt. port by running:

    • ifconfig eth0 | grep HWaddr | sed -e"s/^.*HWaddr //g" | sed -e"s/://g"

  9. Start the manufacture process by the following command. Replace <eth0 MAC> with the output of step 7:

    • sh -a -I -v -m x86 -h <eth0 MAC> -f /mnt/image.img


  10. After the manufacture process is done, type “reboot”.

  11. Enter the BIOS again (like step 3) and return boot order to boot from the Hard Disk first.


  12. Save and Exit the BIOS, the GW should now start booting the newly installed OS.


At this stage, a firmware burn process may take place during OS boot process and may take up to 30 minutes to complete.

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