NVIDIA MLNX-OS User Manual v3.11.2220 LTS

NVIDIA MLNX-OS User Manual v3.11.2220 LTS

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This is a long-term support (LTS) release. LTS is the practice of maintaining a software product for an extended period of time (up to three years) to help increase product stability. LTS releases include bug fixes and security patches.

Welcome to MLNX-OS Documentation

NVIDIA® MLNX-OS® operating system, enables the management and configuration of NVIDIA's InfiniBand switch system platforms.

MLNX-OS provides a full suite of management options, including support for UFM® (Unified Fabric Manager), SNMPv1, 2, 3, and web user interface (Web UI). In addition, it incorporates a familiar industry-standard CLI, which enables administrators to easily configure and manage the system.

These pages provide information about the scope, organization, and command line interface of MLNX-OS as well as configuration examples.

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