Important Pre-OS Upgrade Notes

NVIDIA MLNX-OS User Manual v3.11.2224 LTS

Please consider the following items prior to upgrading the operating system:

  • Upgrading modular switch systems can take up to 30 minutes during which time the system is indisposed

  • Upgrading the OS while embedded SM is enabled may cause the command “no hostname” to fail upon first execution. To resolve this, rerun the command

  • The upgrade procedure burns the software image as well as the firmware should there be a need

  • Before upgrading the software image on your system, make sure to close all CLI sessions besides the one used to run the upgrade process

  • If running a system with dual management cards, refer to “Upgrading MLNX-OS Software on Modular Switches”

  • To upgrade the MLNX-OS version on an SM cluster, please refer to “Upgrading HA Groups”

  • The End-User License Agreement (EULA) must read and accepted after image upgrade in case the EULA is modified. The EULA link is only available upon first login to CLI

  • Linux docker container names are limited to 180 characters. Upgrading to this version removes containers which do not comply with this limitation and prints the following warning to the log: “Removed configuration of container: <container name>, container name is limited to 180 characters”

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