Deleting Unused Images

NVIDIA MLNX-OS User Manual v3.11.4002

To delete unused images, conduct the following steps.

  1. Get a list of the unused images.


    switch (config) # show images   Installed images: Partition 1: version: image-X86_64-3.6.5000.img   Partition 2: version: image-X86_64-3.6.5000.img   Last boot partition: 1 Next boot partition: 1   Images available to be installed: No image files are available to be installed.   Serve image files via HTTP/HTTPS: no   No image install currently in progress. Boot manager password is set.   Image signing : trusted signature always required Admin require signed images: yes   Settings for next boot only: Fallback reboot on configuration failure: yes (default)

  2. Delete the unused images.


    switch (config) # image delete image-X86_64-3.9.1302.img


    When deleting an image, it is recommended to delete the file, but not the partition, so as to not overload system resources.

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