NVIDIA Onyx User Manual v3.10.4006
NVIDIA Onyx User Manual v3.10.4006

Head-of-Queue Lifetime Limit

Head-of-queue (HoQ) lifetime limit (HLL) is a mechanism which allows discarding packets attempting to be transmitted after HLL time from the time that they were ready to be transmitted at the head of the scheduling group.

When HLL_packet2Stall (7 as default) packets encounter HLL drop, the scheduling group enters a stall state. During that state all packets to the sub-group are discarded. The subgroup exits stall state after HLL_time*8.

A counter called HoQ discard packets counts the number of discarded packets due to HLL.


hll <max-time>

no hll

Configures HLL time on this interface.

The no form of the command resets HLL time to its default value.

Syntax Description


Possible values:

  • <4 | 16 | 32 | 64 | 128 | 256 | 512>ms

  • <1 | 2>sec

  • “inf” to disable HLL



Configuration Mode

config interface ethernet

config interface port-channel

config interface mlag-port-channel




switch (config interface ethernet 1/10)# hll 512ms

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