NVIDIA Onyx User Manual v3.10.4006
NVIDIA Onyx User Manual v3.10.4006

Important Pre-OS Upgrade Notes

Please consider the following items prior to upgrading the operating system:

  • The system becomes unavailable while OS upgrade is in progress

  • The upgrade procedure burns the software image as well as the firmware should there be a need

  • Before upgrading the software image on your system, make sure to close all CLI sessions besides the one used to run the upgrade process

  • To upgrade the NVIDIA Onyx on an MLAG cluster, please refer to “Upgrading HA Groups”

  • When upgrading from a version older than 3.6.3130 with an MLAG cluster, "show mlag" output appears as "UP" and "Peering" state instead of "Upgrade" on both MLAG VIP clusters—the upgrade process will not be affected

  • Interfaces with global pause are not mapped to a lossless pool after upgrade from versions earlier than 3.6.5000

  • You have to read and accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA) after image upgrade in case the EULA is modified. The EULA link is only available upon first login to CLI

  • Linux docker container names are limited to 180 characters. Upgrading to this version removes containers which do not comply with this limitation and prints the following warning to the log: “Removed configuration of container: <container name>, container name is limited to 180 characters”

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