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NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

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Description: On some occasions, after sending PAOS down, the link can take a few additional seconds to close the port.

Keywords: Link, Port

Fixed in Version: 15.2010.4210


Description: PLFT mapping for SMA port (port 0) was configured in a way that caused PLFT of FDB 0 to be used instead of PLFT of FDB 1.

Keywords: PLFT, SMA

Discovered in Version: 15.2010.2110

Fixed in Version: 15.2010.2246


Description: Switch-IB 2 may hang once PSU is extracted and inserted in a quick operation.

Keywords: PSU

Discovered in Version: 15.2008.2102

Fixed in Release: 15.2008.2402


Description: The SN and PN fields values in Switch-IB 2 with 550W PSU show as zero in some devices.

Keywords: 550W PSU

Discovered in Release: 15.2008.1300

Fixed in Release: 15.2008.1600


Description: Wrong behavior of ARGroupTableCopy MAD.

Keywords: Adaptive Routing

Discovered in Release: 15.2000.1142

Fixed in Release: 15.2000.1600


Description: In rare cases, when connecting between Switch-IB/Switch-IB 2 and Quantum switch systems, traffic loss might occur.

Keywords: Traffic, Switch-IB/Switch-IB 2, Quantum

Discovered in Release: 15.2000.1000

Fixed in Release: 15.2000.1142


Description: In rare cases, when a receiver’s electrical eye is narrow, link might raise with BER higher (worse) than 10-12.

Keywords: Link

Discovered in Release: 15.1500.0034

Fixed in Release: 15.1630.0206


Description: Enable SDR speed regardless of cable supported speeds

Keywords: Link

Discovered in Release: 15.1400.0102

Fixed in Release: 15.1500.0106


Description: SHARP not functional in case of groups larger than 14 members

Keywords: SHARP

Discovered in Release: 15.1430.0160

Fixed in Release: 15.1500.0106


Description: In info block 29 (Thermal algorithm values): DELTA TEMP REPORTING > '4' will be considered '1'. DELTA TEMP REPORTING = 1,2,3 returns no issues.

Keywords: Thermal Management

Discovered in Release: 15.1310.0138

Fixed in Release: 15.1310.0150


Description: VL arbitration does not distribute traffic as expected in case of multiple VLs

Keywords: General

Discovered in Release: 15.1200.0102

Fixed in Release: 15.1300.0100

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