Document Revision History

ONIE User Manual for NVIDIA Switches v5.3.0011



Rev 2.1—August 2022

Added the "Secured Installation and Update" section

Rev 2.0—September 05, 2019

Added "Collect System Debug Information"

Rev 1.9—May 31, 2019


Rev 1.8—March 31, 2019

Added the command “onie-support”

Rev 1.7—January 07, 2019

Updated “Booting Into ONIE System”

Rev 1.6—December 07, 2018

Added “Update BIOS”

Enhanced user manual with printouts of ONIE Grub Menu

Updated “Boot Modes”

Rev 1.5—January 25, 2018


  • the table “Serial Terminal Program Configuration for 2016.11-5.2.0004-9600”

  • the command “onie-sysinfo -v”

Updated the command “onie-sysinfo”

Rev 1.4—May 31, 2016


  • UM to reflect new software printouts

  • Page “CLI Reference” with commands “onie-nos-install”, “onie-stop”, “onie-start”, and “onie-sysinfo”

Rev 1.3—January 15, 2015

Removed PPC content


  • Section “Related Documentation”

  • Section “From TFTP Server”

  • Section “From Local USB Drive”

  • Section “Reinstall”

  • Section “Uninstall”

  • Page “CLI Reference”

Rev 1.2—August 31, 2014

Updated section “From Local USB Drive”

Rev 1.1—July 2014

Added section “Embed”

Updated page “CLI Reference”

Rev 1.0—September 2013

First release

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