Resource Scale

NVIDIA MLNX-GW User Manual for NVIDIA Skyway Appliance v8.2.2200

NVIDIA Onyx allows dynamic allocation of internal resources so that different internal subsystems could use as much resources as are available until resource exhaustion is reached.

Internal subsystems (e.g., ACL, OF, IP router) may use internal resources according to configured allocation policy mode which, in the case of Spectrum-based switch systems is loose. Loose mode is a configuration that supports flexible user experience while providing protection to assure some protection against flooding of ARP.


Transition between modes saves configuration and reloads the system.

The following table presents the number of resources available for a NVIDIA Spectrum™Spectrum ™-based node in loose mode.

show system resource table

show system resource table [<table-id>]

Displays all system resource in-use value.

Syntax Description


Displays information for a specific in-use resource table



Configuration Mode

Any command mode




switch (config) # show system resource table
Table-Id In-Use
acl 0
ipv4-uc 1
ipv4-mc 0
ipv4-neigh 0
ipv6-uc 0
ipv6-mc 0
ipv6-neigh 0

System mode: loose
Total configured entries: 1

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