MLAG VIP Configuration

NVIDIA Onyx User Manual v3.10.4206 LTS

MLAG VIP (Virtual IP) is important for retrieving peer information.

The management network is used for keep-alive messages between the switches.

The MLAG domain must be unique name for each MLAG domain. In case you have more than one pair of MLAG switches on the same network, each domain (consist of two switches) should be configured with different name.

The IP address should be within the subnet of the management interface (mgmt0).

  1. Configure the following on both switches:


    sx01 (config)# mlag-vip my-mlag-vip-domain ip /24 force

  2. Set a virtual system MAC. The System MAC is used to identify the far-end switch used for the LACP System ID. It should be unicastrange.


    switch (config)# mlag system-mac 00:00:5e:00:01:5d

    In case of an upgrade the MAC address is auto-calculated. For new MLAG installation, it must be added as configuration.

    The MLAG system-mac needs to be identical between both switches.

  3. Enable MLAG globally, run:


    switch config) # no mlag shutdown

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