InfiniBand (IB) is a high-speed, low latency, low CPU overhead, highly efficient and scalable server and storage interconnect technology. One of the key capabilities of InfiniBand is its sup- port for native Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA). InfiniBand enables data transfer between servers and between server and storage without the involvement of the host CPU in the data path. InfiniBand uses I/O channels for data communication (up to 16 million per host), where each channel provides the semantics of a virtualized NIC or HCA (security, isolations etc). InfiniBand provides various technology or solution speeds ranging from 10Gb/s (SDR) up to 56Gb/s (FDR) per port, using copper and optical fiber connections. InfiniBand efficiency and scalability have made it the optimal performance and cost/performance interconnect solution for the world's leading high-performance computing, cloud, Web 2.0, storage, database and financial data centers and applications. InfiniBand is a standard technology, defined and specified by the IBTA organization.

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