Virtual Protocol Interconnect® (VPI)

The Mellanox Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) architecture provides a high performance, low latency and reliable means for communication among network adapters and switches supporting both InfiniBand and Ethernet semantics. A VPI adapter or switch can be set to deliver either InfiniBand or Ethernet semantics per port. A dual-port VPI adapter, for example, can be configured to one of the following options:

  • An adapter (HCA) with two InfiniBand ports

  • A NIC with two Ethernet ports

  • An adapter with one InfiniBand port and one Ethernet port at the same time

Similarly, a VPI switch can have InfiniBand-only ports, Ethernet-only ports, or a mix of both InfiniBand and Ethernet ports working at the same time.
Mellanox-based VPI adapters and switches support both the InfiniBand RDMA and the Ethernet RoCE solutions.

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