Bug Fixes in this Version

NVIDIA Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP) Rev 3.6.0

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Description: When upgrading UFM from previous versions to UFM 6.15.x, sharp_am persistent directory as mentioned in the configuration file directs to a path that does not exist.

This leads to failure in saving reservation and job information, so in case of a restart of sharp_am, it won’t be able to retrieve required information and return to its previous state.

Keywords: sharp_am, UFM, upgrade

Discovered in Version: 3.5.0

Fixed in Release: 3.6.0


Description: Fixed the issue where libsharp, when communicating with sharp_am via UCX, automatically selects the first available IB adapter instead of the instructed adapter for the data path.

Keywords: libsharp, UCX

Discovered in Version: 3.5.1

Fixed in Release: 3.6.0


Description: Fixed an issue where sharp_am failed to detect an abnormal termination of an application executing a SHARP job, which resulted in the failure to properly clean up its resources.

Keywords: sharp_am, libsharp

Discovered in Version: 3.6.0

Fixed in Release: 3.6.0


Description: Fixed an issue in sharp_am where it failed to support virtual ports when OpenSM topology policies were employed, and sharp_am was configured to utilize only one of the sub-topologies.

Keywords: sharp_am, Virtual Ports, OpenSM, Topology Policy

Discovered in Version: 3.6.0

Fixed in Release: 3.6.0

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