Modifying NVIDIA SHARP Aggregation Manager Configuration

NVIDIA Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP) Rev 3.7.0

SHARP Aggregation Manager (sharp_am) has factory default configuration that can be modified either by command line parameters or through a configuration file.

sharp_am is operated either from UFM or HPC-X.

  • In the case of UFM, sharp_am is provided with UFM default config file. For information on how to operate SHARP from UFM, please refer to "NVIDIA SHARP Integration" Appendix in the latest UFM User Manual available here.

  • In the case of HPC-X, please follow the instructions below.

SHARP Aggregation Manager (sharp_am) uses a configuration file from the default location /etc/sharp/sharp_am.cfg.

If no such file exists, sharp_am will use the factory defaults.

sharp_am can also be executed using the parameter -O that provides the location of the config file:


$ $HPCX_SHARP_DIR/bin/sharp_am -O <desired config file path>

If the file does not exist, it can be created using the following command:


$ $HPCX_SHARP_DIR/bin/sharp_am -c /etc/sharp/sharp_am.cfg

The above command creates a config file with the factory default settings. Make sure the directory exists before running the command.

In order to modify the configuration settings, edit the file and change the parameter values accordingly. Some parameters require a restart of sharp_am in order to take effect, while others only require only notifying sharp_am that a change in the config file has taken place.

In the config file, every parameter has the following comment:

# Parameter supports update during runtime: yes/no

If one of the modified parameters does not support update during runtime, then sharp_am restart is required. If not, it is sufficient to signal sharp_am with sighup (kill -1 <pid>).

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