NVIDIA Support for TripleO Victoria Application Notes

TripleO (OpenStack On OpenStack) is a program aimed at installing, upgrading, and operating OpenStack clouds using OpenStack's own cloud facilities as the foundations, building on Nova, Neutron, and Heat to automate fleet management at datacenter scale.
This manual is intended for cloud administrators responsible for the installation, configuration, management and maintenance the OpenStack cloud software stack.
This manual covers the NVIDIA related features which are available in OpenStack using the TripleO deployment program.

Before following the instructions in this manual, please review the latest RedHat Network Functions Virtualization Planning and Configuration Guide. Keep in mind that you will be recommended to refer to this guide in different sections throughout this manual, as it contains important planning information for your OpenStack Platform deployment.

TripleO Victoria supports the following features:


Feature Name

Networking Virtualization

  • SR-IOV Legacy:

    • sriovnicswitch Mechanism driver

  • OVS Offload Using ASAP2 (SR-IOV switchdev):

    • OVS Hardware Offload OVS-Kernel

    • OVS Hardware Offload OVS-Kernel with Software Forwarder (not upstream)

    • OVS Hardware Offload OVS-Kernel with vDPA (not upstream)

    • OVS Hardware Offload OVS-DPDK (not upstream)


  • SR-IOV InfiniBand

Networking BareMetal

  • Neutron OVS Agent on BlueField

  • InfiniBand Support

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