NVIDIA Telemetry Agent User Manual v2.7.20

NVIDIA Telemetry Agent User Manual v2.7.20


The telemetry agent is a software module designed to run inside a Docker container operated on NVIDIA ® Spectrum ® family switches. The agent collects data on the switch and streams it out to an external data collector for processing, analysis and presentation.

The telemetry agent uses industry-standard protocols for control and data streaming, as follows:

  • The control of the telemetry agent is performed using JSON-RPC protocol with the OpenConfig telemetry schemas. The user can use the NVIDIA® NEO® application as a centralized controller to deploy and manage telemetry agents across the network. Alternatively, customers and partners can use session-controller to control it.

  • The telemetry agent can stream out data to a 3rd party collector over a gRPC/JSON/Protocol buffer/Influx DB line protocol formats. There are various open-source and commercial big data platforms that can accept and store the data. The list of supported interfaces and priority counters is provided in Appendix: Supported Telemetry Data Streaming.

The telemetry agent can be controlled by the NEO application or by a 3rd party controller.

  • For information on how to control the agent using the NEO application, please refer to the NEO Telemetry Agent Appendix in the NEO User Manual.

  • For information on how to control the agent using a 3rd party controller, please refer to the Controlling Telemetry Agent section.

This document further describes how customers and partners can integrate the NEO telemetry agent with their solutions, deploying the agent on the switch, establishing connectivity with the agent, and streaming telemetry to a destination data collector.

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