Changes and New Feature History

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS



Rev. 14.25.17

Hii Menu

Added new Hii setting "Network Link Type" in the main configuration menu used for changing the link type (Ethernet/InfiniBand).

For Further information please refer to the PreBoot User Manual

NVIDIA® BlueField®-2

Enabled the option management and boot over DBU management PF (IDRAC/BMC) on SmartNic
To verify if the firmware supports Management PF, please refer to the relevant adapter card firmware Release Notes and User Manual.

Rev. 14.24.13

Hii Menu

Removed NIC Configuration section from the Hii menu when the device is operating in ETH mode and on an Arm arch server.

Hii Menu

Changed the Default value of advertised mode setting and SR-IOV setting in the Hii menu to be aligned with firmware's default value.


Added support for reporting the link status to the BIOS in real time through UNDI Get Status protocol function.

Rev. 14.23.17

Hii Menu

Changed the Hii Configuration ( UEFI HII protocol) to be Enabled by default.

Rev. 14.22.16


This version of UEFI does not have any changes. The version number was increased due to the release of a new firmware version.

Rev. 14.22.14

Adapter Cards

Added support for BlueField 2 adapters cards at GA level.

BlueField 2

Added support for boot over Virtio Net/Blk emulation hotplug/static device.
For further information, refer to the BlueField User Manual.

Hii Menu

Added a new setting for IPv6 in the iSCSI Initiator/General Section for adding iSCSI boot over IPV6 support on legacy mode.
For further information, refer to the PreBoot Driver User Manual.

Hii menu

Now the value of BlinkLeds can be applied by the EFI_BROWSER_ACTION_CHANGED (change and press enter operation) callback operation instead of the save operation.


Added the option to expose the expansion ROM only on the first PF on Multi PF devices.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Rev. 14.21.17


This version of UEFI does not have any changes. The version number was increased due to the release of a new firmware version.

Rev. 14.21.16

Adapter Cards

Added support for ConnectX-6 Lx adapter cards.

Adapter Cards

[Beta] Added support for BlueField 2 adapters cards.

Hii Menu

Changed the default value of "Blink Leds" setting to "0"
For further information, refer to Mellanox PreBoot Drivers User Manual.

General [BlueField/SmartNic]

Added support for loading the UEFI driver so the UEFI NIC will be visible as boot option in Mellanox Bluefield 1/Mellanox Bluefield 2 when operating on Embedded CPU mode and the Arm side is down.
Note: As long as the Arm side is down the link of the UEFI NIC in the X86 side will be down.

Rev. 14.20.22


Updated the UEFI version to support new ConnectX-5 / ConnectX-6 / ConnectX-6 Dx firmware versions.

Rev. 14.20.19

Adapter Cards

Added support for ConnectX-6 Dx adapter cards.


Enabled the UEFI driver in ConnectX-6 and ConnectX-6 DX for both x86 and Arm architectures.


Added support to expose the maximum link speed via CLP/AIM on devices that support HDR100 and EDR50 speeds.

Rev. 14.19.14

HII Menu

Added "Socket Direct Operation" new setting in Hii main menu. For further information refer to the PreBoot Drivers User Manual

Firmware Management Protocol

Optimized the performance (run time) of both the SetImage and the GetImage FMP functions.

Rev. 14.18.19


Update the supported EFI specification version to 2.7

Firmware Management Protocol

Added the option to return unsupported status on secure adapter cards when using the "GetImage" operation.

Rev. 14.17.11

Secure Boot

Added support for secure boot on Arm servers for Mellanox adapter cards.

Rev. 14.16.17

HII Menu

Added “PXE boot without fail-over to iSCSI” and “iSCSI boot without fail-over to PXE boot” options for legacy_boot_prtocol configuration.

For further information, refer to Mellanox PreBoot Drivers User Manual.

Enabled UEFI to expose the current link speed of the system in the HII menu.

Bug Fixes

See See Bug Fixes History.

Rev. 14.15.19

Enable/Disable UEFI in EXPROM via mlxconfig

Added UEFI support to additional ConnectX-4/ConnectX-4 Lx/ConnectX- 5 adapter cards.

Note: Not all cards are compiled with UEFI. For the full list of the OPNs compiled with the new UEFI capability, please refer to the firmware Release Notes

  • ConnectX-4 adapter cards are compiled with x86-UEFI and Arm-UEFI1

  • ConnectX-4 Lx adapter cards are compiled with x86-UEFI and Arm-UEFIa

  • ConnectX-5 adapter cards are compiled with x86-UEFIa

Enabling/Disabling UEFI in ConnectX-4/ConnectX-4 Lx/ConnectX-5 in EXPROM is done via mlxconfig.

The default values are:

  • UEFI_X86 disabled

  • UEFI_AARCH64 disabled

Note: The values above can be set only in adapter cards that support this capability.

For further information on how to enable/disable UEFI, refer to section Enabling/Disabling FlexBoot/UEFI in EXPROM via mlxconfig in the Mellanox PreBoot Drivers (FlexBoot & UEFI) User Manual.

Rev. 14.14.22

Client Identifier

Added support for client_identifier option (option 61) in InfiniBand mode.

HII menu

Added the option to Enable/Disable HII Configuration via mlxconfig.

Rev. 14.13.24

Secure Firmware Update

Integrated the MFT package to support Secure Firmware Update image.

HII menu

Added HII Power Configuration menu.

Rev. 14.12.24


Ethernet only: The MTU value is set to 1500 upon driver bring up.


Updated the supported EFI version to 2.6.

Rev. 14.12.20

Adapter Cards

[Beta] Added support for ConnectX-5/ConnectX-5 Ex adapter cards.

Boot performance

Boot performance improvements. Enabled post Tx doorbell using UAR.

Rev. 14.11.28


Enabled booting with non default pkey in InfiniBand mode

Added boot to target configuration

Platform to driver protocol

Added the option to return EfiPlatformConfigurationActionUnsupportedGuid in case the GUID is not supported

Driver Health

Updated the DriverHealth behavior to comply with the UEFI spec

Diagnostics protocol

Deprecated Extented Diagnostics (return unsupported)

Rev. 14.10.16

Boot over IPv4 and IPv6

Enabled network boot via PXE over IPv4 and IPv6

Device Diagnosis

Enables the driver to run self diagnostics tests via Diagnostics protocol

Firmware Management

Enables the driver to manage firmware using Firmware Management Protocol (FMP)

Secure Boot

The UEFI driver is signed and complied with SecureBoot standard

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