Changes and New Features

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS



Rev. 14.26.17


Added support for NVIDIA® ConnectX®-7 adapter cards.

ConnectX-7 has the same feature set as ConnectX-6 adapter card.For the list of the ConnectX-6 firmware features, please see ConnectX-6 Firmware Release Notes.

Hii Menu/General

Changed the device name that is exposed by UEFI driver from “Mellanox Network Adapter” to “Nvidia Network Adapter”.

Hii Menu /FMP

UEFI driver on ConnectX-7 will expose the firmware version with format xx.yy.zzzz through HII and FMP UEFI protocols.

The following are the lists of UEFI APIs (protocols) installed over UEFI:

Driver handle

  • EFI Component name Protocol

  • EFI Component name 2 Protocol

  • EFI Diagnostics Protocol

  • EFI Diagnostics 2 Protocol

  • EFI Driver Health Protocol

PCI controller handle

  • EFI Driver binding protocol (driver start, stop, supported) installed by system UEFI on handle

Port handle
(child handle to PCI controller handle, one handle per port)

  • EFI Device Path Protocol

  • EFI Network Interface Identifier Protocol (UNDI)

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