Changes and New Features

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS



Rev. 14.29.14

Hii Menu

Added an option to enable/disable Bluefield Management PF setting from the host side through the Vmware Configuration sub-menu.
For Further information, please refer to the NVIDIA PreBoot Drivers User Manual and the NVIDIA BlueField User Manual.


Added an option for the UEFI driver to run over UEFI BIOS when HeapGuard protection mode is enabled.

Link Speed/InfiniBand

Updated the Flexboot driver to boot with the highest link speed on InfiniBand mode (instead of configuring it to SDR) on devices that operate on Multi-Host mode and on devices that operate with keep_link_up enabled.

The following are the lists of UEFI APIs (protocols) installed over UEFI:

Driver handle

  • EFI Component name Protocol

  • EFI Component name 2 Protocol

  • EFI Diagnostics Protocol

  • EFI Diagnostics 2 Protocol

  • EFI Driver Health Protocol

PCI controller handle

  • EFI Driver binding protocol (driver start, stop, supported) installed by system UEFI on handle

Port handle
(child handle to PCI controller handle, one handle per port)

  • EFI Device Path Protocol

  • EFI Network Interface Identifier Protocol (UNDI)

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