Known Issues in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.10.0

For a list of known issues from previous releases, please refer to Known Issues History.

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Description: By default, a managed Ubuntu 22 host will not be able to send system dump (sysdump) to a remote host as it does not include the sshpass utility.

Workaround: In order to allow the UFM to generate system dump from a managed Ubuntu 22 host, install the sshpass utility prior to system dump generation.

Keywords: Ubuntu 22, sysdump, sshpass


Description: HA uninstall procedure might get stuck on Ubuntu 20.04 due to multipath daemon running on the host.

Workaround: Stop the multipath daemon before running the HA uninstall script on Ubuntu 20.04.

Keywords: HA uninstall, multipath daemon, Ubuntu 20.04


Description: Running the upgrade procedure on bare metal Ubuntu 18.04 in HA mode might fail.

Workaround: For instructions on how to apply the upgrade for bare metal Ubuntu 18.04, refer to High Availability Upgrade for Ubuntu 18.04 .

Keywords: Upgrade, Ubuntu 18.04, Docker Container, failure


Description: Running upgrade procedure on UFM Docker Container in HA mode might fail.

Workaround: For instructions on how to apply the upgrade for UFM Docker Container in HA, refer to Upgrade Container Procedure.

Keywords: Upgrade, Docker Container, failure


Description: Upon upgrade of UFM all telemetry configurations will be overridden with the new telemetry configuration of the new UFM version.

Workaround: If the telemetry configuration is set manually, the user should set up the configuration after upgrading the UFM for the changes to take effect.
Telemetry manual configuration should be set on the following telemetry configuration file right after UFM upgrade: /opt/ufm/conf/telemetry_defaults/launch_ibdiagnet_config.ini.

Keywords: Telemetry, configuration, upgrade, override.


Description: Upgrading MLNX_OFED uninstalls UFM

Workaround: Upgrade UFM to a newer version (v6.11.0 or newer), then upgrade MLNX_OFED.

Keywords: MLNX_OFED, Uninstall, UFM


Description: Upgrading from UFM v6.10 to a newer UFM version removes MLNX_OFED crucial packages

Workaround: Reinstall MLNX_OFED/UFM

Keywords: MLNX_OFED, Upgrade, Packages

Last updated on Sep 5, 2023.