NVIDIA UFM High-Availability User Guide v5.5.0
NVIDIA UFM High-Availability User Guide v5.5.0

UFM High-Level Architecture

The below figure illustrates the UFM high-level architecture.


Support of Active-Standby HA approach. UFM is not designed to run with multiple instances (active-active mode). There are several constraints:

  1. Single SM

  2. Single SharpAM

  3. Single UFM Telemetry

  4. UFM is stateful and manages its internal state (cluster topology model) in RAM

Persistent storage usage is required for the following:

  1. Configuration files (UFM, SM, SharpAM, UFM Telemetry, Apache)

  2. DB (SQlite) – history telemetry + configuration + app state

  3. Operation history – logs, events, alarms

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