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NVIDIA Messaging Accelerator (VMA) Documentation Rev 9.8.2




  • Changed the default visibility of socIPoIB is temporarily unavailable when ket API symbols by hiding internal symbols and enabling export only functions. This change in the default library configuration helps to:

    • Substantially improve load time of the library

    • Produce better code quality by the optimizer

    • Reduces chances of symbols collision

  • Product source code is migrated to C++11 standard requirements.

  • See Bug Fixes section.



  • Added RoCE LAG support to VMA over MLNX_OFED RDMA-Core.

  • Bug Fixes.


  • Added man pages for libvma.

  • Added support for UDP 5 tuple hardware flow steering rules.

  • Added support for a new environment variable VMA_UDP_3T_RULES.

  • Removed support for ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-3 Pro NICs.

  • See Bug Fixes section.


  • Added the option for VMA daemon to set spoofed SYN retry interval.

  • See Bug Fixes section.


See Bug Fixes section.


  • Added SocketXtreme API support to the same VMA binary as the traditional Socket API.

  • Added the ability to specify ring allocation logic for any socket type.

  • Improved the VMA service installation under different Linux service managers.


  • Added support for TCP Rx timestamping.

  • Added support for an additional ring allocation logic: Ring logic per IP

  • Added support for IP_TTL socket option.

  • Added support for re-establishing lost connection with VMA daemon.

  • Added support for sendfile() and sendfile64() functions, where in_fd is a file descriptor open for reading, and out_fd is an offloadable socket.

  • Added support for IPoIB in upstream/inbox drivers for ConnectX-4 and above adapter cards.

Last updated on Sep 8, 2023.