Virtualization Related Troubleshooting





When enabling the VMQ, in case NVGRE offload is enabled, and a teaming of two virtual ports is performed, no ping is detected between the VMs and/or ping is detected but no establishing of TCP connection is possible.

Might be missing critical Microsoft updates.

Please refer to: “August 2014 update rollup for Windows server RT 8.1, Windows server 8.1, and Windows server 2012 R2” – specifically, fixes.

When running the system from an SR-IOV, The operation of several hardware resources might fail.

Low resources for VF

  1. Run the mlxconfig tool, according to the instructions in the "MFT User Manual” that is available via the MFT downloader under

  2. Extract the device name from “mst status”, select the appropriate size (> 0, 2,4,8), and run the following command:

    mlxconfig -[device name] set VF_LOG_BAR_SIZE=size

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