User Guide (23.12.1)

No more steps required to run the tools on on-prmises environment including standalone/local machines.

The tools CLI depends on Python implementation of PyArrow which relies on some environment variables to bind with HDFS:

  • HADOOP_HOME: the root of your installed Hadoop distribution. Often has “lib/native/”.

  • JAVA_HOME: the location of your Java SDK installation.

  • ARROW_LIBHDFS_DIR (optional): explicit location of “” if it is installed somewhere other than $HADOOP_HOME/lib/native.

  • Add the Hadoop jars to your CLASSPATH.

    export CLASSPATH=`$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop classpath --glob`

    %HADOOP_HOME%/bin/hadoop classpath --glob > %CLASSPATH%

For more information on HDFS requirements, refer to the PyArrow HDFS documentation

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